Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm scared of..

1. King control - Nobody in this world like this kind of person.. It seems like everything u do doesn't seem rite..
2. Playboy - Initially u'll fell head over heels with them.. After that u'll eat ur heart out..
3. Mummy's boy - Its ok if his mother way cooler than Snow White's stepmum. But if she's worst maybe u'll willingly eat the apple urself..
4. Lier - U know this one..
5. Big talker- Big talker who turns their words into action is fine .. But if the talking speaks louder than the action sumone pleazz shut them up..
6. The Snail - nobody love snail.. Its slimey and slow.. If u dozed off for a while they r still at the same spot. If a men act like a snail and takes about two years juz to make a move to ask u out.. Owww..
7. Plain rude - Some people are born rude.. So rude nobody can't stand them.. If u find u're lacking frens nowadays.. Think again..
8. Spitter - Nobody loves spitter.. Only spitter love spitter.. Infection control plezz!!! OR Spitum!!

1 comment:

KA said...

allo sister...aku link ko nyer blog eh... meh la dtg melawat blog aku gak cuti2 ni... xder chat space ker?? huhuh