Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm scared of..

1. King control - Nobody in this world like this kind of person.. It seems like everything u do doesn't seem rite..
2. Playboy - Initially u'll fell head over heels with them.. After that u'll eat ur heart out..
3. Mummy's boy - Its ok if his mother way cooler than Snow White's stepmum. But if she's worst maybe u'll willingly eat the apple urself..
4. Lier - U know this one..
5. Big talker- Big talker who turns their words into action is fine .. But if the talking speaks louder than the action sumone pleazz shut them up..
6. The Snail - nobody love snail.. Its slimey and slow.. If u dozed off for a while they r still at the same spot. If a men act like a snail and takes about two years juz to make a move to ask u out.. Owww..
7. Plain rude - Some people are born rude.. So rude nobody can't stand them.. If u find u're lacking frens nowadays.. Think again..
8. Spitter - Nobody loves spitter.. Only spitter love spitter.. Infection control plezz!!! OR Spitum!!

Boys n girl

There's a lot of unspoken things between man and women. Banyak actually!!! These are the things i think men in general should know..

1. Body image n weight : A very sensitive question. Terutama sekali kepada org yg obviously penternak lemak like... In fact most people hate this question. I hate this question! Actually, there's no body weight range yang mana a lady feels comfortable to answer this question. Even when they are stick thin, n when they are obviously not skinny. In fact, kalau BMI tu screaming " U're FINE GIRL" they still have some problem with body image.. "My hair line is weird".. "My pores is so large people think its a pond".. Duh!!

2. Age : Well its flattering if lower down the age, but if u increase it.. N this goes especially to unmarried ladies over 30.. They will say it's juz a number but...

3. Vulgarity : Well, sebagai manusia yang tinggal di M'sia we should know better.. Budi bahasa and ect. Yes.. I know u love it.. It's fun.. If u like it so much, it doesn't mean we wanna hear it like a gazillion times per day.. It juz makes we wonder is he retard?

4. The EX : We want to know about ur past. If we ask u about her it means we like u... N We didn't wanna make the same mistake twice.. But, juz leave the unnecessary things even we wish we didn't know..

5. Sweet talk : If u don't like a girl, leave all the sweet talk.. Like how u swim the seven seas juz to get a glimps of us.. We don't wanna hear it if u don't mean it..U're juzt meddling with our feelings. Things will get ugly if suddenly u decide we doesn't worth the wait.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


NEW LIFE.... Breath deep

30 things i wanna do before i die
1. Learn to drive
2. Learn to ride motorcycle- done
3. Get married
4. Have 2 beautiful n smart children
5. Open a clinic
6. Buy a sport car
7. Buy a penthouse
8. Buy a ridiculously expensive designer handbag
9. Give a love letter to a total stanger - done
10. Join MERCY malaysia
11. Go on a cruise
12. Go to mecca
13. Have a holiday oversea on my own
14. Further my study
15. Learn how to play guitar
16. Learn how to tap dance n bellydance
17. Be a gim member... n actually use it
18. Donate sumthing to an orphanage
19. Make sumbody really2 happy
20. Take my parents for a holiday fully supported by me
21. Go out on a first date - done
22. Go watch muvie marathon alone
23. Learn how to swim
24. Be less careless n reckless
25. Be in love.. really2 in luv
26. Have my own library
27. Try to forgive everybody that ever hurt me b4
28. Have the courage to sing out loud in public - done
29. Finish al-quran again
30. Repent